Learning & Intelligent System Lab

Welcome to the website of the Learning and Intelligent Systems research group at TU Berlin, led by Prof. Marc Toussaint. The lab is part of EECS Faculty of TU Berlin, as well as the Science Of Intelligence cluster of excellence.

This site hosts our publications, teaching information for students, and recent talks given in our lab seminar.

For general questions, please contact office@lis.tu-berlin.de


Humans and animals demonstrate remarkable capabilities in interacting with and manipulating our real physical world. We aim to understand the underlying principles of such capabilities and reproduce them on real robotic systems. We believe that a key in understanding and creating strongly generalizing intelligence is the interplay of learning and reasoning, of training and thinking, of data and models. Our research therefore bridges between AI planning, machine learning, and robotics, trying to overcome the segregation of data-based AI (ML, Reinforcement Learning) and model-based AI (reasoning, inference). Concrete research topics we work on are models and algorithms for physical reasoning, task-and-motion planning (logic-geometric programming), learning heuristics, the planning-as-inference paradigm, algorithms and methods for robotic building construction, and learning to transfer model-based strategies to reactive and adaptive real-world behavior. Technically, we build on methodologies from optimization, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and probabilistic inference.


Marc Toussaint  (Group Leader)
Email: toussaint (at) tu-berlin (dot) de
Affiliation: TU Berlin, SCIoI, Max Plack Fellow
Ilaria Cicchetti-Nilsson  (Administration)
Email: i (dot) cicchetti-nilsson (at) tu-berlin (dot) de
Affiliation: TU Berlin
Ozgur S. Oguz  (Potsdoc within IntCDC (project RP17 & 19))
Email: ozgur (dot) oguz (at) ipvs (dot) uni-stuttgart (dot) de
Affiliation: Uni Stuttgart
Jung-Su Ha  (Postdoc)
Email: jung-su (dot) ha (at) tu-berlin (dot) de
Affiliation: TU Berlin, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Andreas Orthey  (Postdoc @ MPI-IS)
Email: aorthey (at) is (dot) mpg (dot) de
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Danny Driess  (PhD student within SCIoI (project 39) & IMPRS-IS MPI Stuttgart)
Email: danny (dot) driess (at) ipvs.uni-stuttgart (dot) de
Affiliation: University of Stuttgart, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, IMPRS-IS
Valentin Noah Hartmann  (PhD student within IntCDC (project RP12 & 17))
Email: valentin (dot) hartmann (at) ipvs (dot) uni-stuttgart (dot) de
Affiliation: University Stuttgart, Technische Universität Berlin, IntCDC Stuttgart
Joaquim Ortiz de Haro  (PhD student, part-time in GIF collaboration)
Email: joaquim(dot) ortiz (at) ipvs (dot) uni-stuttgart (dot) de
Affiliation: University Stuttgart, IMPRS-IS
Ingmar Schubert  (PhD student)
Email: ingmar (dot) schubert (at) tu-berlin (dot) de
Affiliation: Technische Universität Berlin