Welcome to the website of the Learning and Intelligent Systems research group at TU Berlin, led by Prof. Marc Toussaint.

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-- Our new website in now online!

-- Start of Winter Semester 2020 at TU Berlin

-- 2 Open PhD postions -- deadline 20 Nov

Latest Publications

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  1. Orthey, A., & Toussaint, M. (2020). Visualizing Local Minima in Multi-Robot Motion Planning using Multilevel Morse Theory. Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics (WAFR 2020).

  2. Nguyen, S. T., Oguz, O. S., Hartmann, V., & Toussaint, M. (2020). Self-Supervised Learning of Scene-Graph Representations for Robotic Sequential Manipulation Planning. Conf. on Robot Learning (CORL 2020).

  3. Schubert, I., & Toussaint, M. (2020). Lazy Action Value Models for Q-Learning in Robotics.

  4. Nguyen, S. T., Oguz, O. S., Driess, D., & Toussaint, M. (2020). From Images to Task Planning: How NLP Can Help Physical Reasoning. RSS Workshop on Self-Supervised Robot Learning.

  5. Van, H. M., Oguz, O. S., Zhou, Z., & Toussaint, M. (2020). Guided Sequential Manipulation Planning Using a Hierarchical Policy. RSS Workshop on Learning (in) Task and Motion Planning.