The talks are organized by Andreas Orthey. For any questions, please contact aorthey(at) Please see also our Youtube Playlist for all available videos.

Yunzhu Li: Learning Structured World Models From and For Physical Interactions (Januray 2022)

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Rohan Chitnis and Tom Silver: Learning the Ingredients for Task and Motion Planning (December 2021)

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Chris Mavrogiannis: Leveraging structure for autonomous robot navigation in multiagent human spaces (April, 2021)

George Konidaris: Reintegrating AI: The Brown Model (April, 2021)

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Neil T. Dantam: Abstractions in Robot Planning (April, 2021)

Rahul Shome - Leveraging Structures and Theoretical Guarantees in Robotics (March, 2021)

Georgia Chalvatzaki - Towards intelligent robotic assistants (March, 2021)

Roberto Martin-Martin - Physically Interactive Intelligence (February, 2021)

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Jens Kober - Robots Learning (Through) Interactions (February, 2021)

Francois Hogan - Controlling contact interactions with model-based planning and tactile feedback (February, 2021)

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Constantinos Chamzas - Learning and Motion Planning (January, 2021)

Jonathan D. Gammell - Furthering Motion Estimation and Planning in Robotics (January, 2021)

Wolfgang Hönig - Using Function Approximation for Provable Safe Multi-Robot Motion Coordination (November, 2020)

Majid Khadiv - Control of legged robots in challenging environments (October, 2020)

Steve Tonneau - The contact planning problem for legged robots: A cardinality minimisation approach (October, 2020)

Florian Pokorny - Some Methods for Reasoning about Global Geometry in Machine Learning & Robotics (October, 2020)

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Oren Salzman - Toward Asymptotically-Optimal Inspection Planning via Efficient Near-Optimal Graph Search (September, 2020)

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