MSc/BSC requests

Students at TUB, please contact us via ISIS. We can only offer theses projects to students enrolled at TU Berlin. We cannot help external students to enroll at TU Berlin – please see here for information on how to apply for MSc/BSc programs at TU Berlin. If you have any questions, please contact Oguz, Ozgur ozgur.oguz@campus.tu-berlin.de and office@lis.tu-berlin.de

Courses Summer 2021

We are offering two courses:

  • AI & Robotics: Research – reading, reviewing and teaching about state-of-the-art research papers. Wed & Fri, 14-16h ISIS page zoom link

  • AI & Robotics: Lab Course – usually working with the robots in the lab, but this year working in simulation on robotics projects Tue & Wed, 16-18h ISIS page zoom link

Courses Winter 2020/21

We are offering these courses at TU Berlin:

  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Learning and Intelligent Systems: Project
  • Künstliche Intelligenz: Grundlagen und Anwendungen

Courses Summer 2020

  • SS 20 AI & Robotics: Research. More info
  • SS 20 AI & Robotics: Lab Course. More info