Students please contact the LIS office with any requests.

General Teaching Material

See my general teaching page for teaching material on Maths, Machine Learning, Robotics, & AI.

MSc/BSC requests

Students at TUB, please fill in a contact form via ISIS and send a brief email to office@lis.tu-berlin.de, so that we don’t forget to look into ISIS. We can only offer theses projects to students enrolled at TU Berlin. We cannot help external students to enroll at TU Berlin – please see here for information on how to apply for MSc/BSc programs at TU Berlin. If you have any questions, please contact office@lis.tu-berlin.de.

MSc/BSc thesis writing/evaluation infos

Have a look at sections 2 and 3 of this. When starting a thesis with us, Ilaria should give you a startup package with info on registration, finding a 2nd supervisor, etc.

Courses Summer 2022

  • Einführung in die Künstliche Intelligenz – A new BSc-level introductory course, complementary (with little overlap) to the winter term “KI: Grundlagen & Anwendungen”. ISIS page, module.

  • Motion Planning – A new MSc course discussing algorithms to move robots in cluttered environments. This class is offered by Wolfgang Hönig and Andreas Orthey and includes search-, sampling-, and optimization-based approaches. ISIS page, module.

  • AI & Robotics: Lab Course – usually working with the robots in the lab, but this year working in simulation on robotics projects. ISIS page TBA, module.

  • AI & Robotics: Research – cancelled: As there is urgent need for seminar option for BSc students I had to cancel this MSc-level research course and convert it to the following:

  • Aktuelle Forschung in KI & Robotik - BSc Seminar – a new offer to BSc students, discussing current papers in leading AI/robotics conferences. ISIS page, module.

Courses Winter 2021/22

  • Optimization Algorithms – Tue & Wed, 16-18h
  • Learning and Intelligent Systems: Project – Wed, 14-16h plus individual meetings

Courses Summer 2021

  • AI & Robotics: Research – reading, reviewing and teaching about state-of-the-art research papers. Wed & Fri, 14-16h ISIS page zoom link

  • AI & Robotics: Lab Course – usually working with the robots in the lab, but this year working in simulation on robotics projects Tue & Wed, 16-18h ISIS page zoom link

Courses Winter 2020/21

We are offering these courses at TU Berlin:

  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Learning and Intelligent Systems: Project
  • Künstliche Intelligenz: Grundlagen und Anwendungen

Courses Summer 2020

  • AI & Robotics: Research. More info
  • AI & Robotics: Lab Course. More info