We have 4 open SHK (student assistant) positions in robotics! The official announcement can be found on tubCloud and hopefully also soon at Ausschreibungsdatenbank. Here some more info:

  • With these positions I’m trying to have a group of students in my lab that generally help out with technical things, but also have fun with working with robots and/or robotics software and will have access to our robotics lab also for own ideas/projects.
  • ‘Technical things’ mostly means realizing practical demos, including showcasing methods found in the literature or methods we develop in our lab. Also coming up with novel demonstration scenarios. Eventually the aim is to make the most interesting/impressive demos of what robotics algorithms can do.
  • That will require proper understanding of the methods (yes, also maths/background!), but typically require substantial coding (mostly in C++), and sometimes also setting up novel robotics or sensor hardware. Different students can have different strengths in this.
  • Team work is encouraged – so if you/we will have ideas about larger demos, self-organizing yourself as a team will be necessary.

Application deadline is Feb 15, 2023. For any question, please contact me personally after the Optimization lecture (Tue 14-16, MAR 0.011) or via Please see the official document on how to submit your application.